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I made some things!

In the last seven days, I have managed to make myself, not one, but TWO new aprons, for modern wear!  One, I’ve been hoarding the fabric since before 2010.  The other is fabric that we have recently gotten at the store, but is just SOOOOO appropriate!

If I remember correctly, I fell in love with the skulls and roses when one of my friends shared a link to a cute dress or skirt on Etsy made with it.  I checked JoAnn’s at the time, and they had the same fabric, but in a black background, and with red roses.  I like the cream background with pink.  So I bought the fabric on-line all those years ago.  I have ALWAYS been envisioning one of my reenacting aprons with this fabric and green pockets.  And I even bought the green!  And washed my fabric!  And then it sat in my stash since 2008 or 2009.  And it sat… and sat, and sat, and moved, and sat some more, and moved again, and it just kept sitting!  But, in my ever changing Renaissance Soul focuses, I feel a sewing spelling coming on.

I recently took a week vacation, and finally stayed home for most of it.  On top of that, the weather necessitated not going anywhere.  So I hung out with me, myself, and I, watched TV shows on DVD (I had power, but no internet), and I finally relaxed and unwound after the holidays at the store, and not taking a non-busy vacation in several years.  I lazed around, I did some chores, and basically caught up on things and am finally out of Critical Survival mode. (You know… that mode where you’re doing things because it’s critical that you do them now, because the next critical thing is looming, and you can’t do anything else because it’s all critical things.)  And then, because of the weather, I ended up with a snow day the day I was supposed to go back to work, and the next day, my shift at the store was cancelled.  I had just had vacation!  Everything was done!  What was I to do with my new found free afternoon?  I.  Decided.  To.  Sew.  And it was glorious!

The time had come!  Instead of just making a reenacting apron with a modern print, I decide to mix, match, and combine elements from all the aprons I’ve loved over the years.  My reenacting apron is the base because of its easy design (skirt with pockets, waistband, ties, bib).  My absolute favorite apron ever was my costume apron when I was Jane in The Secret Garden in 10th grade.  It was basically a reenacting apron with a neck strap on the bib, and growth tucks around the hem.  And Crazy Apron Day was coming up at the store.  I could incorporate some work apron aspects, like the pockets, and it has a neck strap that I could measure against.

For the skull apron, I went with the two pocket reenacting design.  And decided to put more contrast fabric in the design.  I shortened the skirt part, because I won’t be wearing it with an ankle/floor length dress.  Instead of my regular, deep, self hem, I decided to make a contrast hem.  And, I decided to play with fancy stitches on my fancy Brother sewing machine!  So there’s decorative stitches across the hem, which took FOREVER because a full width of fabric is still big o.O  And decorative stitches across the pocket hems as well.  And then I also made the waistband, ties, and neck strap in the contrast green as well.

The Creativity is Messy apron was made for Crazy Apron Day for work.  I have decided that this will be a prototype work apron.  I put the work style pocket on it, but it needs some help.  It turns out, my ties stretched, so I had to keep adjusting it around my waist, because the handheld is heavy and keeps pulling down.  I also need to put some stabilizer in the pocket to counterbalance the handheld a little bit.  And also, the full width of fabric is too much for a work apron.  The pockets end up in the wrong spots/droopy.  I also need to shorten the neck strap a little, but I forgot a safety pin to mark that.  Otherwise, I am extremely pleased with it.  I might be more prone to wearing this at home though.  I’ve already found fabric for a new work apron.  However, I have other projects in mind before I cut out another apron.  Small projects that shouldn’t take too long, and have also been in stash for some time.

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