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Happiness from my Childhood

My next project is another one that’s been sitting and sitting and sitting (you’ll notice this will be a reoccurring theme…)

This is my childhood sleeping bag.  When we were very little, my mom made my brother and I coordinating sleeping bags, that looked like kitty cats (my brother’s was identical to this, but his was blue.)  I don’t remember when it was that I outgrew my sleeping bag, and I have no idea what happened to it when I did.  But there came a time, possibly when I was in college, that this all came to the surface of the craft room.  By some miracle, my sleeping bag was torn apart, but ALL THE PIECES WERE STILL THERE!!!!!  Head, 4 paws, tail, and the main blanket.  Around the time that this came back to me, those fold-in-half pillow animals were starting to be all the rage.  So instead of buying one, I decided to take these pieces and turn THEM into a pillow, and a lap blanket 🙂  And so, they stayed, tucked away in stash till I was ready to do something with them.  The time has (FINALLY!) come! 😀

In addition to the kitty parts that I remember, there are also parts for some smaller version of… something.  I think I’m going to attach all the parts to the round thing, and make a round, squishy pillow, and put a kitty face on it, and call it a day.  I’ll figure out how I want to put said kitty face on while I work on all the rest.  I need to cut out the pillow body, take the ears off the head and give them new stuffing, stuff the paws, figure out how to make new eyes for the head….

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